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Rohin Aneja is the kind of real estate agent that represents you and your family fully and whole-heartedly. When we were looking at a house listing that was no longer active, he called us directly when it suddenly came on the market again, to our complete and utter surprise, and this is how we were able to buy our dream home! He was literally our eyes, and ears, fully submersing himself into our shoes and situation, as if he was part of our family, and now he is! J

In addition, he is internationally trained in all aspects of real estate, and this assured us that he was not just doing his job to earn his keep, but he was also truly interested and vested in his work, and his passion for his professional domain really shone through.

In terms to selling our own home, he did not falter in his stance to obtain the best price. Even when other agents would have drastically dropped the price, and panic over closing timelines, Rohin did not even flinch and insisted we wait patiently. This demonstrates his strong commitment to his clients, and his determination to make them feel soundly contented, and confident that they have fruitfully achieved their real estate goals.

We are truly indebted to Rohin Aneja, genuine experts in real estate that sincerely have their clients’ best interests at heart. We would undoubtedly recommend him, and already have!

-Seema Mehra Laurent and Olivier Laurent

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